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Family Owned and Operated since1952. We have assisted numerous animal and crop farms since that time and we can help you with yours as well, no matter how large or small!

Expert knowledge of agricultural disease control, pest control, Lawn and garden supplies and extensive line of agricultural grade controls.

We offer a wide variety of grass seed for a variety of applications. We sell ONLY clean seed, unlike many of our competitors. Check the tag on the bag before you buy!

We offer bulk fertilizer and lime application for large acreage farms, pastures, crops.

We offer bulk feed distribution if needed. We offer a variety of livestock feed, pet feeds, fish feeds for ponds, as well as supplies for cattle, chicks/chickens, ducks, goats, rabbits, hogs,etc. We offer a complete line of dog food, as well as supplies and shots for pets.

Wildlife plot specialists, sporting game bird, feeds, attractants, cedar nd pine bedding, pellets, horse and equine supplies.